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Title Development of a new synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system
Grant holder Jean Zu, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University University of Toronto
Industrial partner Vicicog
Amount $284,167 over two years
Project summary Current automotive transmission technology is inefficient, performs poorly and often necessitates engine design compromises. In particular, existing manual and automatic transmissions, because they have too few gears, require an engine that sacrifices efficiency and peak horsepower.
The industry partner in this project has developed a new kind of transmission system, based on timing belts, that promises to boost vehicle fuel efficiency by as much as 15 percent, although further research is required before the technology can be commercialized. Known as a synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission, the system uses leading edge belt and computer control technologies and can shift under load, handle high torque and provide a greater range of gears.
The research partnership involves modeling and analysis to address such issues as transient loads, material strength magnetic flux, vibration, and fabrication methodologies. The partners expect to produce a working prototype designed in conjunction with the automotive industry. If the project succeeds, the company will be well positioned to bring its highly disruptive, unique transmission product to market.