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Major study examines options for strengthening Canada's automotive industry

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What role do municipal, provincial and federal governments play in supporting Canada's automotive industry?

That's one of the main questions to be addressed by a new, multidisciplinary study of the auto sector by a team of eight professors and 52 postdoctoral fellows and graduate students from McMaster University, University of Toronto and Queen's University. They will work with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), Ford Motor Company of Canada, the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association and the Canadian Autoworkers Union to map the current state of the industry and examine what best-practice policy can be developed to strengthen it. This is the largest and most comprehensive study of this sector since a 1985 Royal Commission report set the stage four years later for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Greig Mordue, General Manager at TMMC, stresses they are not looking to government to solve the industry's challenges.

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