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Ontario Company Nears Commercial Launch of Revolutionary Catalytic Converter

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No single invention has done more to reduce toxic auto emissions than the arrival of the catalytic converter in the 1970s. Some 40 years later, a small Ontario company is preparing to hit the market with a revolutionary multi chamber catalytic converter (MCCC) that not only produces an even cleaner exhaust but also boosts gas mileage, and is less expensive to manufacture.

"We've proven the technology works for gas engines and we now have a commercial product that our customers are doing final validation testing on," says, Stefano Plati, of Woodbridge-based Vida Holdings Corp. "We're aiming to have this technology in vehicles by 2015."

After working with Dr. Robert Hayes to initially develop the MCCC, Vida is now adapting the technology for diesel engines. Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) is contributing $976,000 to this new three-year project.

"We've already got great preliminary results for the diesel oxidation catalyst, and it will take maybe another year to optimize," says lead researcher Dr. Robert Hayes, a chemical engineer at the University of Alberta. "Once we can show customers the effect they want, they can start their own in-house testing right away. The goal is to get this commercialized as fast as possible."

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