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Next Generation E-Vehicles

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Consumer demand for electrified vehicles is growing every year, creating a rapidly expanding market for auto manufacturers. But there are still some bumps in the road. One major challenge to mass commercialization of e-vehicles is to design low-cost powertrains, the components that generate power for your car and deliver it to the road.

To meet this challenge, a research team at McMaster University, led by Professor Ali Emadi, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain, is carrying out a five-year research project to develop the next generation of electrified powertrains. Dr. Emadi's team is working in collaboration with Chrysler Canada and receiving $18.1 million in funding from Automotive Partnership Canada.

This research will help Canadian auto owners to save money both at the dealership and at the gas pump, while helping Canadian auto producers to bolster their position in the global marketplace for electrified vehicles.