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New transmission technology will open market for large electric vehicles
Accelerating plans to mass-produce new, plastic fuel tank systems
Green technologies promise to end truck idling and cut emissions
Major study examines options for strengthening Canada's automotive industry
Keeping passengers safe with lighter vehicles
Canada mobilizes national research effort to reduce price of fuel cells
"Seeing" inside batteries key to building affordable, longer-lasting electric cars
Good news for electric cars: Research on track to reduce battery testing from years to weeks
Research aims to make titanium an affordable alternative to steel
Canadian expertise helps automakers form sheet metal to create stronger, lighter vehicles
Industry drives Canadian research effort to build lighter and greener vehicles
Automakers and McMaster University join forces to improve assembly line designs for workers
bus icon Ballard Partners with Universities to Make Fuel Cell Buses a Commercial Reality
heat waste icon Canada Takes Lead in Turning Waste Heat into Green Air Conditioning for Electric Cars
emission icon Canadian Technology Will Help Automakers Meet New Emission Standards
wheel icon Toyota Poised to Leapfrog Competition with New Wheel-Making Technology
button Hybridizing A Hybrid To Widen Market Opportunities
engine button More Eco-Friendly, Heavy-Duty Engines
binary button Boosting Auto Software Productivity and Quality
car button Capitalizing on the Potential of Vehicle Electrication
  Thermal Management System Technology Development for Extended Range Electric Vehicles
  Thermal Degradation of Polymeric Materials and Joints for Heat Exchanger Applications
  Development of a new synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system