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About APC

How to Apply

APC proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. This allows proposals to come forward as industry needs arise and also allows for proposals to be uniquely crafted according to the requirements of the research and industry challenges at hand.

There are no minimum or maximum dollar amounts that can be requested. Projects can range from six months to five years in duration. However, all projects should first be defined by the scope of research and development that needs to be carried out, after which an appropriate project budget and duration can be determined.

Applying for APC funding involves three stages:

  1. Preliminary Discussion
    Researchers and companies should start by contacting the APC Project Office with their research ideas to have an initial conversation about project aims, scope, industrial involvement and other parameters.
  2. Executive Summary
    If the idea for the proposed project fits within the mandate of APC (activities appropriate to be funded by APC partner agencies, appropriate industrial involvement and other considerations), the Project Office will ask the project proponents to prepare an executive summary, consisting of a written overview of the proposed research.
  3. Full Proposal
    If at the executive summary stage, the proposed project still fits within the APC mandate, the Project Office will ask the project proponents to develop a full proposal. The Project Office will provide advice and feedback to the proponents concerning issues to be addressed and areas needing improvement for the full proposal. The Project Office will review drafts of the full proposal and work with the proponents in an iterative fashion until a satisfactory full proposal is finalized.

Please note that unsolicited full proposals will not be accepted by APC. Do not prepare a full proposal until advised to do so by the APC Project Office.