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Industry Involvement

For any proposal to be considered by APC, it must be driven by industry needs and have active industrial participation and collaboration. Proposals must demonstrate how the planned activities will meet the needs of industry, how industry has been integral in developing the proposed research and how the support of the industrial partner is essential to the research.

APC will only consider proposals for projects where the interactions between the university and/or government researcher with the industrial partner(s) promise to be “transformational.” This means that at least one of the following three conditions must be explicitly met:

  • Researchers and highly qualified personnel must collaborate directly with the industrial partners’ advanced engineering, product, manufacturing process or service development staff (in addition to industrial R&D staff).
    • Research results need to get into the hands of the people who can turn these results into commercial products and services, i.e., a corporate development mandate, hence the emphasis on involving engineering staff as well as industrial R&D staff.
  • Industrial partners on the project must include more than one member within the automotive supply chain.
    • With the structure of the automotive sector, involving OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 parts suppliers, as well as material suppliers, the adoption of new technology and knowledge is facilitated by involving more than one layer of the supply chain.
  • The proposed research, if successful, as judged by the industrial partner(s), must have a profound and disruptive impact on their business and the automotive sector in Canada.
    • APC recognizes the existence of high-risk research that is of considerable interest to the automotive sector. APC wants to support these sorts of activities, but wants to ensure, despite its high-risk, early stage nature, that the research agenda is still driven by industry and that there will be collaboration between researchers and industrial R&D staff.