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Award Conditions

Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) is maintaining an active list of the projects it supports on its Web site. As such, as a condition of APC awards, grantees and their industrial partners will be asked to provide a plain language summary of their APC project within two months after the start of the award. The summary, up to 500 words in length, will consist of two parts.

  • The first part describes the research in basic, non-technical language, suitable for the general public. This description should focus on the goals and expectations for the project, as well as providing insight on its intended benefits.
  • In the second part, the industrial partners explain why and how they are participating in the research and how the results of the research will help them innovate, compete and succeed.

The NSERC portion of APC awards is conditional upon approval of a research agreement signed by all academic institutions and partner organizations. This agreement must comply with This link will take you to another Web site NSERC’s Policy on Intellectual Property and must be received within six months of project approval. However, to facilitate the immediate commencement of research activities, 25 percent of the award’s first instalment may be released prior to receipt of the research agreement.