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Project Monitoring

Annual progress reports will normally be required from the grantee and host institution (where CFI funding is involved). The industrial partner(s) on the project will be asked to provide comments on the project's progress. Final reports will be required for all projects.

In the case of large projects, review of progress may also be assisted by comments from the original expert reviewers who evaluated the proposal and, at times, augmented by expertise of others in the field/area.

Based on the results obtained or problems encountered, grantees may propose amendments to the project objectives, milestones, or budget. The amounts of second and subsequent instalments are contingent on a demonstrated need for funds. Grantees must provide annual statements of actual expenditures and of anticipated future costs. The next instalment will not be released until the industrial partner has reconfirmed its commitment to the project for the next year and (if requested) evaluated the project’s progress.